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A facelift is an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure that is performed endoscopically, requiring only a few small incisions to achieve a natural-looking, more youthful appearance. This procedure targets the midsection of the face to eliminate sunken cheeks, sagging jowls and pronounced nasolabial folds. And because the small incisions are made above the hairline, any evidence of the procedure is entirely concealed. The only thing that’s visible is the result! Patients can look forward to revitalized curves to the cheeks, and smoother, firmer skin.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Albert has perfected his endoscopic approach for facial rejuvenating procedures and teaches other surgeons from all around the world to do the same. If you would like to see the appearance-boosting benefits that combining these two techniques produces, please schedule a personal consultation at our Boca Raton offices. Dr. Albert and his expert team will formulate a precise treatment plan to achieve your desired facial aesthetic. To reach our friendly front desk, please call (561) 495-2700.

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​​Aging has a number of different effects on our body, the most noticeable of which occur on our face. This can be particularly frustrating as certain changes can make us look older than we really are. Loss of volume and sagging skin are two of the most common problems associated with the aging process. These signs of aging are due in large part to age-related fat loss, collagen loss, and even bone loss. Collagen, a fibrous, tensile protein found in our body, plays an important role in our skin’s resiliency and acts as the scaffolding for our skin to remain taut. However, these fibers can only hold on for so long. [1]

Due to prolonged, unprotected exposure to UV rays, an imbalanced diet, and stress, the cells responsible for collagen renewal begin to weaken.[2] This weakening causes the cells in the dermis to become ineffective at resupplying the necessary collagen to keep the skin supported. So, over time, wrinkles and fine lines appear, and skin sags. Gravity, repeated muscle contractions, and lifestyle choices also take their toll. The cheeks look saggy and flat, circles form under the eyes, and lines and folds around the mouth set in.

Many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on anti-aging products in the hope of turning back the clock. However, the results that these offer tend to be temporary and subtle at best. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery procedures offer an alternative that is considerably more successful and longer-lasting. 

Facelift Advances

Traditionally, a facelift procedure has been used to smooth wrinkles and lax skin, and give the patient a younger-looking facial appearance. Unfortunately, we all know what a bad facelift looks like, and many traditional approaches to this procedure left patients with a stretched, “surprised” look, with scars snaking around their ears. They often ignored the middle third of the face, the structural source of many of the most prominent signs of aging. A lift that includes the mid-face is crucial because it not only addresses the nasolabial folds around the nose but also rejuvenates the under-eye area and delicately lifts the corners of the mouth.[3] To address these problems, Dr. Albert utilizes a scarless facelift technique to bring natural-looking, total rejuvenation to the face, including the middle third.

About Endoscopic Facelifts

 By making small, discreet incisions above the hairline, Dr. Albert can perform a facelift endoscopically to reduce the size of incisions and the duration of recovery. 

facelift procedure boca raton

The endoscopic devices include an illuminated camera, which allows Dr. Albert to see a magnified view of the internal structures of the face. Other small incisions allow delicate tools entry to perform the procedures necessary to reposition, tighten and lift, as well as eliminate ligaments that cause the appearance of deep creases. [3] 

Dr. Albert realized his passion for plastic surgery at a young age and began working in the practice of the renowned surgeon Dr. Edward Terino while still in high school. Known as the “godfather of facial implants,” Dr. Terino became a mentor and a crucial part of Dr. Albert’s education. Years later, Dr. Albert was able to return the favor by teaching Dr. Terino to perform one of the procedures that Dr. Albert is well known for: the endoscopic mid-face lift. Over the past decade, Dr. Albert has shared this knowledge with countless other plastic surgeons internationally, instructing them on the finer details of performing the art of endoscopic plastic surgery. 


Choosing to undergo a facelift at the Optimization Centre in Boca Raton with Dr. Albert ensures that you will reap the benefits of Dr. Albert’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Dr. Albert is a lead instructor at The International Society of Plastic Surgery, a global forum and training program for plastic surgeons. He’s also a contributing member to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and a lead instructor for MicroAire, the medical device company that produces the Endotines used in his endoscopic face and brow lifts. Additionally, Dr. Albert has been featured on the reality show “I am Jazz” and has been the Official Plastic Surgeon for the Florida Panthers for nearly two decades.


There are a number of benefits associated with this minimally invasive surgical technique. 

Benefits of an endoscopic facelift include:

  • The ability to focus improvement on the mid-section of the face.
  • Endoscopic technique means that harder-to-reach areas such as the corner of the mouth can be easily reached and addressed without other incisions.
  • Smaller incisions mean less need for anesthesia during the procedure and less postoperative pain.
  • Smaller incisions also mean less scarring. 
  • The entire procedure takes less time than a conventional facelift. 
  • The recovery is usually more straightforward and quicker.
  • There is less bruising and swelling during your recovery period.
  • Complications are less likely.


An endoscopic facelift, or scarless facelift, is an effective procedure for patients of most ages. And as described, it is scarless since the small incisions are completely hidden in the hair. This is particularly appealing to patients who don’t want any signs of having undergone surgery.  Younger patients can have this done as a preventative, stand-alone procedure. They can return to their normal life after only a few days of recovery since the surgical site is hidden.  Middle-aged people may need the endoscopic facelift done along with a neck lift to get the right cheek volume and jawline contours to give a natural and rejuvenated look.  

Patients that have previously undergone a facelift elsewhere often complain about saggy cheeks or the corner of the mouth falling.  These patients may not need a whole new facelift, rather just an endoscopic facelift to make the necessary corrections. 


During a scarless facelift, Dr. Albert separates the layers beneath the facial skin, so that he can shift the musculature and facial fat pads underneath the skin. He then inserts an Endotine device endoscopically, through the small incision. This tiny device effectively lifts the underlying facial tissue of the cheek to an elevated, more youthful position. By the time the tissue has healed in its new location, the device will have fully dissolved. 

Because the underlying musculature was addressed and the subcutaneous fat pads were repositioned, one benefit many patients report after a scarless facelift is that they do not appear like they’ve had any work done, leaving the patient with results that look natural and subtle

An endoscopic facelift restores the natural, youthful curves of the cheeks by manipulating the soft tissues beneath them so they appear fuller and firmer. Unlike a conventional facelift which involves pulling the skin and causing it to look tight, the endoscopic facelift provides a much more natural aesthetic enhancement that does not look overdone.


An endoscopic facelift has a relatively short recovery time and patients find themselves looking presentable after 2-3 days.  Patients that combine a neck lift with a facelift will have on average a 5-day recovery.  Patients over 70 years of age will have a longer recovery since they have a tendency to bruise and swell a little more. 

Complementary Procedures

A neck lift is usually indicated on a younger patient that has saggy skin and excess fat in the neck. This procedure is very rewarding and also sculpts the jawline. Usually, this is done with a small incision behind each ear. The neck lift includes sculpting the neck fat above and below the neck muscles.  The neck muscles or bands are also treated by repairing them to make a nice smooth contour with a tightening of the jowl. If the skin has good elasticity, or there is only a small amount of skin excess, the patient may be a better candidate for neck liposuction.


How do I know if I need a facelift, neck lift, endoscopic facelift, or a scarless facelift?

At the Optimization Centre, each patient is evaluated and treated based on their specific needs and desires.  Only after collaborating with the patient is it possible to know which lifting procedure is right for them.  After completely examining the patient and reviewing their pictures, a comprehensive plan is reviewed.  Oftentimes there are aspects pointed out to the patient that they did not consider, which usually are recommended for a more natural look.  

How long will an endoscopic facelift last?

The endoscopic facelift results will last over 10 years and may last longer since the entire cheek/midface is being lifted, including the muscle, fat, and skin.  

What is so special about the endoscopic facelift, Dr. Albert?

“The endoscopic facelift is only done by specially trained surgeons who have the skills to use an endoscope. The endoscope allows me to lift the entire middle portion of the face with a small incision in the hairline. The endoscope helps assist in the dissection and allows me to see details through magnification. As a result, I can do a very delicate surgery through a remote site.  The tissues of the cheek are lifted in one piece which gives a very strong lift and reverses the aging process by replacing the tissues back where they came from. An endoscopic facelift can repair more signs of aging than most other facelifts. It lifts the cheek in such a way that the proper eye dimensions are reestablished and the corner of the mouth is restored to a younger position.”


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