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Discover the Coolest Way to Reinvigorate Your Skin and Body

If you're tired of dealing with sore muscles, inflammation, or skin issues, cryotherapy could be the game-changer you've been looking for. The power of a few minutes in icy cold air can work wonders for your overall well-being. At Optimization Centre in Boca Raton Cryotherapy with Glacial Rx is offered as a cutting-edge approach that goes beyond clinical treatment to provide a warm and patient-friendly experience.

Cryotherapy with Glacial Rx at Optimization Centre

Cryotherapy isn't just a cold treatment; it's a science-backed approach to rejuvenating your body, mind, and skin. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or looking to address sun-damaged skin with Glacial Rx, our expert staff is here to make the experience comfortable and tailored to your needs.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is an innovative approach to addressing chronic pain, inflammation, and symptoms associated with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines. The treatment entails brief exposure to very cold air which is believed to stimulate the body's innate capability to counteract macrophage infiltration, helping to relieve inflammation, treat conditions such as age spots, and trigger exfoliation to reveal radiant skin.

Introducing Glacial Rx

Think of Glacial Rx as the next level of CryoAesthetics™, a revolutionary treatment that revitalizes your skin from within. This customizable experience offers three settings, addressing everything from inflammation and swelling to sun spots and uneven skin texture. Glacial Rx is not just a treatment; it's a step towards smoother, calmer, and more radiant skin.

What canCryotherapy do for me?

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cold therapy has been studied extensively for its positive effects on overall wellness. Beyond the deep invigoration and improved sleep and stress levels, Glacial Rx takes it a step further, resetting your skin to a state of smoothness, calmness, and radiant glow.

With Cryotherapy Boca Raton patients can expect to see a few of these benefits:

  • Regulates melanin production for a natural glow
  • Fights inflammation, reducing puffiness
  • Eliminates benign lesions, promoting even tonality
  • Suitable for both face and body
  • FDA-cleared with a high safety profile
  • 92 percent of patients show improvement at one month post-treatment
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Am I a candidate for Cryotherapy?

Most people are good candidates for cryotherapy or Glacial Rx. However, certain medical conditions may be contraindications. To determine your suitability, consult our qualified healthcare providers at Optimization Centre.

Consultation and Preparation

Before your treatment session, our providers will discuss your concerns and goals, ensuring your safety. Preparation is minimal, and includes removing jewelry, staying hydrated, and having clean, makeup-free skin.


Traditional Cryotherapy involves standing in a cold chamber for several minutes subjected to dry, cold air reaching as low as negative 200 degrees. Glacial Rx is a non-invasive procedure done in a comfortable treatment chair. Your provider will pass the Glacial Rx applicator over the skin to target sun freckles, age spots, or other areas with marked inflammation. The handpiece targets damaged cells within the dermis, clearing the way for new, healthier cells to replace them.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

One of the main advantages of Cryotherapy in Boca Raton is there is no downtime. You can get back to most of your daily activities right away, though you may need to avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol consumption for a day or two. Minor aches are common immediately after the treatment, although it is a small trade-off for the far-reaching benefits of the therapy.

After Glacial Rx, most patients see immediate early results such as vibrant, calmer skin and a dramatic reduction in sunspots as early as the first day of treatment, with continued improvement over the next three months. Cryotherapy or Glacial Rx may be repeated as often as needed for long-lasting results.

Why choose Optimization Centre?

Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Albert, Optimization Centre is a world-class facility outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology. Clients enjoy a full range of services under one roof, including plastic surgery and medical spa offerings delivered with the utmost personalization and attention to detail.

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CryotherapyFrequently Asked Questions

No, Glacial Rx or cryotherapy should not cause any painful sensations.

When performed by qualified healthcare providers, Cryotherapy is low-risk, with rare and mild adverse reactions.

Results are not permanent, so repeat sessions are needed to maintain the effects.

Cryotherapy is inclusive and works well on all skin types, excluding those with broken skin or sores.

Cryotherapy is a reasonably affordable, non-invasive procedure. Contact our office for an exact price quote.

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