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Cool Down Your Sunspots

CoolPeel at the Optimization Centre in Boca Raton, FL

Looking for non-invasive, revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatments? Visit the Optimization Centre for CoolPeel in Boca Raton, FL. We offer a range of treatments, including CoolPeel, Glacial Rx, and CO2 masks, to help minimize fine lines, dark spots, and enlarged pores for a youthful, even appearance. With our expertise and advanced technology, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and feel pampered, refreshed, and glowing. Explore our treatment options and schedule your appointment today.

Clarity and Radiance

What is CoolPeel?

Get the benefits of a fractional ablative laser without the downtime! With CoolPeel Boca Raton patients can fight sun damage, fine lines, aging skin, and enlarged pores, which can all be minimized, making your skin glow with a more youthful radiance. The laser peel treatment takes just a few minutes, giving you a quick and easy refresh with truly impressive results. At the Optimization Centre, we also offer Glacial Rx and CO2 masks to meet all your rejuvenation needs. We stay up to date on the latest developments in skin rejuvenation to give you access to treatments that offer exceptional results with minimal downtime.

Glacial Rx

Glacial Rx is a skincare treatment that uses an advanced technology called Cryomodulation. This state-of-the-art technology harnesses cooling power to suppress the production of new melanin, which eliminates the cause of unwanted dark spots. Glacial Rx provides the skin with an icy sensation that refreshes the skin, reduces redness and inflammation, accelerates exfoliation, and brightens your skin tone. This process takes less than an hour to perform. If you would like to see how Glacial Rx can even your skin tone and rejuvenate your complexion, schedule a personal consultation at The Optimization Centre’s Boca Raton offices. To speak with our friendly front desk directly, please call (561) 495-2700.

CO2 Mask

Imagine being able to achieve in-office results with the comfort and convenience of at-home application. A CO2 mask uses a chemical reaction to boost oxygen production and dilate surface blood vessels, stimulating your complexion to show off its natural glow. Powerfully replenish your skin with results you can enjoy right away in your own bathroom mirror!

CoolPeel at the Optimization Centre

The Optimization Centre is your one-stop rejuvenation shop in Boca Raton. You can count on Dr. Albert and the entire Optimization Centre team to bring you the most innovative, safe, and effective aesthetic treatments available. In addition to your Boca Raton CoolPeel treatment, we offer Glacial Rx and CO2 masks, which are scientifically proven to deliver gorgeous replenishment and help you feel your most vibrant.

See Through to You

About Glacial Rx

CoolPeel acts on the surface of your skin, smoothing lines, fading dark spots, and correcting other signs of aging and damage without disturbing deeper dermal layers. Targeted laser resurfacing with CoolPeel gives you amazing rejuvenation without the downtime that comes with other ablative lasers. It is especially effective at fading areas of hyperpigmentation such as sunspots. Individuals who want major skin improvement but don’t want the downtime of an invasive treatment are perfect candidates for CoolPeel.

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Benefits of Glacial Rx

We recommend Glacial Rx for patients who wish to rid their appearance of age spots with minimal discomfort. The cooling effects reduce any pain, swelling, and inflammation. Some additional benefits of Glacial Rx include:

  • Results after just a single treatment
  • Cool and refreshing sensation
  • No downtime required
  • Can be performed any time of the year
  • Does not require skin-irritating heat

To find out more about the benefits of CoolPeel and Glacial Rx or learn more about your eligibility for the treatment, we encourage you to make an appointment at the Optimization Centre.

CO2 Mask Benefits

CO2 masks are easy to use and let you have the benefits of an in-office treatment from the comfort of your home. By stimulating oxygen and blood circulation in your skin, the mask delivers intense hydration. Lines and undereye circles are reduced, skin is tightened, and the overall tone of your complexion is improved. Ask us about this easy and highly effective alternative to traditional in-office procedures.

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Learn About Your Options

Personal Consultation

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and plastic surgery instructor, Dr. Gregory Albert has expertly performed hundreds of successful procedures and taught many plastic surgeons to do the same. We will begin your consultation with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Then, we will ask to examine your sunspots. If we determine that these areas of skin are benign, we will then approve you for a CoolPeel or Glacial Rx treatment.

Gentle on Skin. Tough on Blemishes.

CoolPeel Preparation and Procedure

A typical CoolPeel treatment takes 15 minutes or less. Your skin will be cleaned in preparation for the laser, and numbing cream may be applied for your comfort. The laser is moved over the treatment area, where it delivers short pulses of energy that do not affect the skin’s deeper layers. The laser does not produce the heat of other ablative lasers, meaning that the procedure is less invasive to the skin, and the application is typically more comfortable.

Glacial Rx Procedure

We will begin your Glacial Rx procedure by reviewing your treatment plan and answering any questions you may have. Then, we will take the Glacial Rx applicator and target your various sunspots. When we place the cooling applicator on your skin, the energy from the device will focus only on the damaged cells inside your dermis. The freezing temperatures will effectively eliminate the cells from the inside, making way for new, healthier, unblemished cells to replace them. We will move the Glacial Rx device from sunspot to sunspot, achieving your desired appearance. Once we have completed your session, you will be able to leave our care and resume your daily routine!

CO2 Mask Procedure

Your CO2 mask will come with specific instructions for application. Note that the mask will need to be mixed and then applied right away. It stays on the skin for approximately 45 minutes, after which you do not need any downtime for recovery. Your skin will be instantly moisturized, smoothed, lifted, and evened out in tone.

Get Luminous Skin

CoolPeel Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Recovery time is minimal with CoolPeel, which only acts on the top layer of skin. Your skin may be slightly red and tender as if you had a sunburn, but these effects will fade in one or two days. You will be able to return to your regular activities right away. You will receive instructions on keeping your skin hydrated after your treatment and may need to avoid certain topical products for a few days. Sunspots and other areas of hyperpigmentation will be visibly reduced. Wrinkles and fine lines will appear smoother, and your overall skin tone will be improved.

Boca Raton cool peel model with brown hair

Glacial Rx Recovery and Results

Refreshing Effect on The Skin

Recovery from a Glacial Rx treatment is minimal compared to other anti-aging skincare treatments. However, you will need to be patient to see your full results, which can take about two or three months. As your skin produces new, regularly pigmented skin cells, the dark spots will gradually fade. While most patients see some improvement with just a single Glacial Rx session, we may recommend multiple sessions when treating larger areas of the skin. Our patients love the cooling feel of Glacial Rx, which has a refreshing effect on the skin. There is no need to worry about downtime, and patients are free to head back to work and enjoy other everyday activities right after treatment. Many patients notice some preliminary results almost immediately, though it may be up to three months before you see the full effects of your Glacial Rx treatment.

CO2 Mask Recovery

There is no recovery needed after a CO2 mask. Your skin may be slightly red after the mask is removed, but these effects fade quickly. Your complexion will be instantly hydrated, toned, and tightened.

Maintaining your CoolPeel results

Follow the aftercare instructions to ensure your skin is protected as it heals. You may need to avoid direct sunlight for a little while since your skin will be extra sensitive after receiving your CoolPeel treatment. As always, practice good sun protection to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and youthful looking.

CoolPeelFrequently Asked Questions

After experiencing the level of care and quality of results we are committed to, you might be inclined to make Dr. Albert’s office your first choice for all cosmetic procedures. Many patients who love CoolPeel or Glacial Rx also enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of CO2 Laser Resurfacing. The thermal energy from this laser treatment can rid your complexion of mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and many other imperfections. To see if CO2 Laser Resurfacing is right for you, please schedule a consultation with our friendly staff today!

The cost of your CoolPeel or Glacial Rx treatment will vary depending on the personalized treatment plan discussed during your consultation. To learn more about the price range for these treatments and the other services we offer, please call us at (561) 495-2700.

The laser used in the CoolPeel treatment is less invasive than other ablative lasers, meaning your skin will only be sensitive for a day or two following treatment. A numbing cream will be applied before your procedure to reduce potential discomfort. There is no pain associated with Glacial Rx or CO2 masks.

As we age, most of us develop age spots, also known as sunspots or liver spots. These discolored lesions can be completely benign, yet they can disrupt the smooth tone of the skin, leading to a loss of self-confidence. They can sprout up on just about any part of our body but typically occur in the places with the most frequent exposure to sunlight. Previous methods of age-reversing skin care made removing sunspots difficult and painful. But with Glacial Rx, researchers have seen significant improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin.[1] Invented at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Cryomodulation, the science behind Glacial Rx, delivers precisely controlled and concentrated freezing energy to benign pigmented lesions without damage to the skin.[2] This technology halts the accelerated production of melanin. The cells that replace the dark spots over the course of normal skin turnover will be normally pigmented. As the spot’s outer darker layers of skin naturally make their way to the surface of the skin and are shed, healthy skin with an even skin tone becomes visible. Finally, patients can see real, long-lasting results. Developed by the same innovative company that invented CoolSculpting, Glacial Rx is quickly becoming the “go-to” choice for erasing sunspots.

Cosmetic treatments like CoolPeel, Glacial Rx, and CO2 masks are not covered by health insurance.


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