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[op-tuh-muh-zey-shuh n]

-The fact of optimizing; making the best of anything.

Our Core Purpose

Collaborate with you to determine and deliver your optimal life transformation procedures and services.

Deliver optimal plastic surgery results.

Provide the tools and motivation to help you establish and realize your ultimate life optimization goals, beyond surgery and aesthetics.

To Provide a lifetime of care and wellbeing.

Life Optimal. From The Outside In.

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Men Procedures

Female Procedures

We offer a comprehensive choice of cosmetic procedures for our female patients. From non-invasive treatments to injectables; from mini face-lifts and breast augmentation to abdominal reduction and total mommy-makeover. Our goal is to make you the center of attention by optimizing your wellbeing.

Men Procedures

Male Procedures

The opportunities for optimization for men and women can be similar or completely unique depending upon the procedure. We address the demands inherent to men and look for better ways to address each case in the most optimal way.



The decision to undergo any procedure is a serious one, requiring careful and informed consideration. With children, the need for careful consideration and pre procedure education and counseling is essential. Dr. Gregory Albert consults with patients and their parents to ensure the child is a suitable candidate for surgery.


Dr. Albert is South Florida’s leading Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in providing personalized care and optimal results. Dr. Albert is a Lead Instructor for Allergan and MicroAire teaching other Doctors and Surgeons from around the world.

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