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Endoscopic Mid Facelift Boca Raton

Aging has a number of different effects on our body, and in particular our face. This can be particularly frustrating as certain changes can make us look older than we really are. Loss of volume and sagging skin are two of the most common problems associated with the aging process. This occurs because our natural production of collagen and elastin – two crucial components for keeping our skin supple, smooth and tight – begins to slow down. These changes, combined with a natural loss of hydration, sun damage and exposure to other toxins, can compound the effects of aging. This causes us to look tired, worried, or long and drawn in the face.

As we age, the effects of gravity, repeated muscle contraction, and lifestyle habits cause the skin, fat and muscles to fall. When this occurs, the cheeks look saggy and flat. This leads to the dark circles under the eyes, and a flat cheek, and the corner of the mouth to fall as well. This also results in lines and folds around the mouth.

Many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on anti-aging products in the hope of turning back the clock. However, the results that these offer tend to be temporary and subtle at best. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery procedures offer an alternative that is considerably more successful and longer-lasting.

Endoscopic facelifts are one of the newest developments in facial cosmetic surgery that restores the natural curve of the cheek, fullness of the cheek, and repositions structures to their normal position. This procedure is ideal for patients ages 40-50 that want a lift with no visible incisions.


An endoscopic facelift is an innovative new procedure that targets the mid-section of your face in order to bring about a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. An endoscopic facelift restores the natural, youthful curves of the cheeks by manipulating the soft tissues beneath them so they appear fuller and firmer. Unlike a conventional facelift which involves pulling the skin and causing it to look tight, the endoscopic facelift provides a much more natural aesthetic enhancement that does not look overdone.


An endoscopic facelift is minimally invasive since, as its name suggests, it is performed using an endoscope. The endoscope is a tiny camera, enabling the surgeon to see the area being worked on without needing to create a large incision. The only incision is small and located in the hair above the ear. Small surgical instruments are then passed into the soft tissues.

The soft tissues of your face will then be gently lifted and repositioned upwards, creating the appearance of fuller, more youthful cheeks. Each incision is closed using just a few sutures, which means scarring is minimal to non-existent. The cheek is lifted and held in place during the healing period with an endoscopic device. Once completely healed, the device is fully dissolved.

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Why choose an endoscopic facelift over conventional facelift surgery? Patients cite a number of benefits associated with this minimally invasive technique. These include:

  • The ability to focus improvement purely on the mid-section of the face.
  • Endoscopic technique means that harder-to-reach areas such as around the nose can be easily reached and addressed without other incisions.
  • Smaller incisions mean less need for anesthesia during the procedure, and less post-operative pain.
  • Smaller incisions also mean less scarring.
  • The entire procedure takes less time than a conventional facelift.
  • The recovery is usually more straightforward and quicker.
  • There is less bruising and swelling during your recovery period.
  • Complications are less likely.

Results & Recovery

Since the surgery lifts the facial fat with remote incisions, visual recovery may be very short: 3-5 days. The swelling usually experienced goes unnoticed. Although patients should refrain from chewing hard foods, they can return to work within a few days. There is no visible sutures. Patients will return to work quickly, but physical activity is limited for 1-2 weeks.

So if you are experiencing signs of aging in your cheeks, or had a facelift that did not correct your sagging cheeks, and endoscopic mid facelift may be right for you. Dr Gregory Albert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who teaches worldwide endoscopic facelifts and endoscopic brow lifts.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your face and feel that you look older than you should, our knowledgeable and professional team would be delighted to speak to you about our endoscopic facelifts in Boca Raton, FL and how this surgery could transform your appearance. Please click to schedule your consultation or call us at 561-771-6400 if you have additional questions.