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    How do I know if I am a good candidate for cool sculpting?

    Almost everyone has areas of unwanted fat. If you are interested in a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, then CoolSculpting is a good reliable option. It is important to consult with a DOCTOR that also performs liposuction, since that may be a better option.

    Do you have financing options available?

    Yes! Our office does offer financing through Care Credit. I trusted and well-known financing company. At your consultation, you will be given all financing information to decide which is best for you

    How safe are silicone breast implants?

    Today’s breast implants are very safe. When compared to saline implants, silicone implants are preferred and may give longer-lasting results than saline implants. But it is very important to consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss which implants are right for you.

    How frequently do you need CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting can be done on different areas over time. There are no known limits for the number of treatments that can be performed. Multiple sessions to the same area are recommended for optimal results and are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

    When is a good time for a facelift? At what age?

    Women generally show signs of aging that would benefit from a facelift or scar-less facelift by the age of 40, at which point most men are also starting to notice changes in their reflection! If you look in the mirror and find yourself lifting the skin on your face or neck to make yourself look the way you want, then you may be ready for a facelift. Think about it this way; doing a facelift before you look old then allows you to have a young, natural look for the majority of your life. So, if your plastic surgeon says you are a good candidate, take advantage of the opportunity to restore and maintain a fresh, youthful appearance.

    What can I do for my aging hands?

    Our hands can show our age in different ways. The good news is Dr. Albert offers a variety of treatments. We start with repairing the skin with Zo Skin Health. Then we can use different methods depending on your goals; fillers, Botox, lasers.

    What can I do to improve my surgical scars?

    In my practice, noticeable scars are not acceptable. Every patient that has surgery with me, will have minimal to almost nonvisible incisions. I have compounded a proprietary scar cream that has been used on professional athletes, such as The Florida Panthers and Florida Dolphins, for over 15 years that work specifically to expedite scar healing. This same formula is used on all my surgical patients. At the Optimization Centre, I have 3 different lasers that we utilize for improving the appearance of scars. Silicone sheeting is important to use to flat and prevent scars from widening.

    What can I do to improve my acne scars?

    I treat acne scarring in adolescents and adults and it is treatable with an experienced plastic surgeon. I use a combination of laser treatments for the contour and discoloration. Our skin care consultants and programs help repair the skin before more invasive treatments are performed. Acne scarring can also be improved with surgiwire treatment for underneath scarring. Also, Percutaneous Cutaneous Induction is another option that is effective.

    What are the risks for breast augmentation?

    Breast augmentation is the most common elective plastic surgery done in women. There are risks that are included with other surgeries as scarring, infection, implant malposition, numbness, and capsular contracture.

    How does Botox work?

    Botox works by relaxing the muscles of expression. When done by an experienced plastic surgeon, it works very reliably and will provide natural appearance.

    How long does it take to recover from a co2 laser treatment?

    Laser recovery will vary depending on the depth of the wrinkles or sun damage being removed. It could last from 1-8 days. Sometimes it is short enough to do in preparation for that special day.

    Do you have a laser to treat my hyperpigmentation?

    Yes! Before I use a laser to treat hyperpigmentation it is important to make sure we are repairing your skin with proper skin care, such as hydroquinone, retina, and retinol. Without pre-treating you can run the risk of making the pigmentation worse. Once we have repaired the skin, then depending on its condition, we can choose the right laser for you, together.