Many people believe that stubborn fat and excess skin is most likely to accumulate on their stomach, hips and thighs. While this is common, there is another area that tends to be affected by this problem – your arms. Fluctuations in your weight during your lifetime as well as aging and hereditary factors can all contribute towards the development of drooping and sagging of the upper arms – a problem that cannot always be corrected by diet and exercise alone.

Whether you have excess fat and skin on your arms because you are overweight or because you have lost weight and your arms have refused to tone up no matter what exercise you do, this problem can be a major source of embarrassment. If this is an issue for you, you may find yourself trying to cover them using longer sleeves or by wearing ¾ to long sleeve shirts. Women may refrain from wearing short sleeves or sleeveless shirts or certain dresses. Fortunately, there is an alternative – arm lift surgery, otherwise known as brachioplasty.

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What Is A Mini Arm Lift?

A mini arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses on reducing excess fat and skin that has accumulated on your upper arms, with the goal of removing it so that they look slimmer, more toned and more youthful. The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the patient, or patient’s desires.

Dr. Albert, of the Optimization Centre, has been featured on ABC, NBC and CBS for his minimal incision arm lifts where the incisions are hidden within the underarm or axilla. With this new positioning of the incision the resulting scar is virtually unnoticeable and heals remarkably well. In some cases a traditional arm lift with a longer incision is needed to achieve the best results. However, with the minimal incision arm lift surgery the incision is placed within the Axilla and normal creases of the armpit so that it is virtually invisible.

After the incision has been made, liposuction is performed to remove the fatty deposits that are causing your arm to look flabby. Once this is complete, the skin is been pulled tight and the excess removed, you will be left with upper arms that are smoother and more contoured, giving them a toned and youthful appearance.

A mini arm lift is a surgical procedure that:

  • Reduces excess sagging skin to the upper arm
  • Tightens and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm
  • Reduces localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region


Early in Dr. Albert's plastic surgery career, it was obvious to that arms were a problematic area for women and there were not a lot of solutions available. It seemed like every female patient wanted their arms tightened but complained that it was not possible to do without an unsightly scar. One of the reasons Dr. Albert sees so many patients with problematic arms is because my practice is in sunny South Florida where the weather is hot year-round, and women want to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses. If Dr. Albert practiced in Chicago, he would not have this kind of demand.  One of the reasons he went into medicine was that he always loved new challenges, solving problems and treating arms became a passion of mine.

Dr. Albert developed a unique minimal incision arm lift technique that he incorporated from performing minimal incision surgeries on the breasts and face. The minimal incision arm lift became a success and allowed my patients to start wearing short sleeves and sleeveless clothing that they would never have thought about wearing before. While perfecting the mini incision arm lift, Dr. Albert was also developing advancements in his full arm lifts. In order to be a great arm lifting doctor, you must know how to treat all types of arms. Women have varying concerns when it comes to their arms. There are certain wrinkles that are treated with the mini arm lift that cannot be treated with the full arm lift and vice versa. Dr. Albert have a lot of experience evaluating and treating women’s arms and know which type of arm lifting procedure will address each patient’s unique expectations. He spends a lot of time and listening carefully to my patient’s concerns and what their objectives are.

When three news stations wanted to interview Dr. Albert for my minimal incision arm lift, he knew that he was meeting and exceeding his patient’s expectations.  That year Dr. Albert was featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS:

  • 2004 Channel 10 ABC Miami News Segment with Amber Statler
  • 2004 Channel 5 NBC West Palm Beach News Segment with Roxanne Stein
  • 2004 Channel 4 CBS Miami News Segment with Dr. Sean Kenniff

Once again, Dr. Albert was also featured in the Sun Sentinel in 2015 for his Arm Lifts - Read here.


Dr. Albert has been performing arm lifts for over 20 years. Arm shaping surgery is rewarding because most patients still do not believe it is possible for their arms to look so good. “Often times patients find me after they have been on other consultations and they were told it is not possible to do without a bad or unsightly scar”. They are relieved when Dr. Albert shows them his before and after photos that show all different types of arms with results. Depending upon the patient’s desires, he will also review liposuction vs. mini arm lift vs. full arm lift vs. elbow lift and what they can accomplish.


Patients who come to Dr. Albert with concerns about the excess skin, fat, and wrinkles on their arms. These patients are self-conscious, they refuse to wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts and will modify their wardrobes in order to hide their arms. Many of his patients have had weight fluctuations.


About 30% of women have an abnormally high amount of fat deposits in their arms.   Most of these women have difficulty fitting into clothing well. If these patients have good to fair skin quality, they can be a good candidate for liposuction. Women with a significant amount of fat can have shapely and tighter arms when liposuction is done correctly. With a special feathering technique that involves circumferentially liposuctioning the arm and axilla, the skin will tighten and re-drape with a tightening effect. Patients may be candidates for CoolSculpting if they are not surgical candidates or prefer to have a non-surgical procedure.


A patient with fatty deposits concentrated on the lower part of the arm are best candidates for cool sculpting of the arms.  Depending on their expectations, cool sculpting may be a good option even though they may have excess skin and some wrinkles.  Often times coolsculpting is a good option for arm reduction and will enable the patient to wear the blouse or sleeveless shirt that they were imaging.


Dr. Albert can tell you that 90% of his arm lift consults start out with the patient telling him it cannot be done without an ugly scar.  Ironically, most of the time they got this thought from another plastic surgeon or from a patient in another practice.  Arm lifts can be done without unsightly scars, natural contour, and less wrinkles/cellulite.  After carefully discussing the patient’s goal and examining their arms, we will review patient’s results.  Dr. Albert will show them a wide range of arms and results; some with incredible results, some with good results and some with average results. He wants to make sure they understand the scar from an arm lift can heal very well. If they hesitate, and do not want an arm lift, then we discuss starting with a mini arm lift since he/she will get some improvement from that procedure.  For some the mini arm lift will make them happy and in other cases they may decide to have an arm lift to further improve their arms.  Since Dr. Albert know what the patient wants, and they understand what the procedures can do, he has never had a problem with a patient transitioning from a mini arm lift to an arm lift.


Patient are surprised to hear that the recovery and getting back to work is only 3-5 days.  We do provide pain medications, but most of the time patients do not describe severe pain, yet more discomfort and soreness.

Since Dr. Albert has done thousands of arm lifts and has learned the challenges of the procedure, he also developed a special garment for post operative recovery.  He found that the arm, chest, breast proportions made it difficult for patients to fit into the standard garments correctly without causing healing problems. Depending on which arm procedure you are having and you particular build, Dr. Albert will fit you for a garment that will facilitate your healing.


Complications are similar to most plastic surgery. There is a chance of scarring, infection, slight temporary numbness and some contour irregularities. Most of the above are treatable in the office in conjunction with treatments at home.  In less than 1 % , if the scarring is not acceptable to Dr. Albert or the patient, then a scar revision will fix it.

Why Choose Dr. Gregory Albert?

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