Medical and Cosmetic Dermopigmentation

An esthetician, visagist, and permanent makeup expert certified by the Brazilian Federation of Aesthetic and Corrective Dermopigmentation (FABDEC), licensed and accredited in First Aid by the AHA (American Heart Association), associated with the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and the AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation). Both organizations focus on promoting the standards of excellence and safety to micropigmentation professionals around the world.

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I am also licensed as a Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Artist by the European Union and the State of Florida, USA. She has a degree in Aesthetics by SENAC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with specialization in pre and postoperative. She also has experience in Microblading Specialization by the Hedman Method, in Miami, USA. In addition to her degree, national and international specializations, she constantly attends continuous improvement courses and conferences, as well as teaches and trains other dermopigmentation professionals.

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