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Plastic Surgery

By American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. IN THIS ISSUE… Women for Women: global trauma repair. An international group of predominantly female plastic surgeons is conducting surgical missions across the globe to provide help to women.

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Brand New You

Dr. Gregory Albert By Medical Profiles. Uses Cutting-Edge Procedures For Remarkable, Natural-Looking Results. Dr. Gregory Albert is quickly becoming the industry standard for Plastic Surgery. His impeccable credentials, both academic as well as surgical, have allowed him to become one of South Florida’s leading board-certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Albert is renowned for performing procedures that create, …

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Not Seeing Believing

Dr. Gregory Albert Performs Cutting-Edge Plastic Surgery For Natural Results. Highly-credentialed and well-regarded throughout the United States, is known as South Florida’s leading Board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. The practice philosophy is simple; Continuity of Aesthetic Care. Dr. Albert, who focuses on the concept of “Age Management” believes that each patient has both immediate concerns …

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Facing Facts

By Medical Profiles. Dr. Gregory Albert Is A Leader In Cutting-Edge Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Procedures. For many men and women, looking their very best is an integral part of their overall well-being and confidence. Feeling fabulous, feeling desirable, feeling confident….it truly is important, and best of all, it is possible. At any age. Dr. …

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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Having a baby takes a considerable toll on your body, as it undergoes some truly incredible changes so that you can successfully carry and deliver an infant. As well as the inevitable stretching and growing of your stomach to incubate your unborn child, your breasts also increase in size, ready to feed him …

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